Jupe’s MUD Games (some of them)

If you need a mud client, here's a free one.

Days of Dragons           Connect to the3beers.com port 4040  http://www.mudportal.com/images/play.png  http://www.mudconnect.com/cgi-bin/get_rank_button.cgi?mud=MuddyFeet      Also Vote here.         

Original JellyBean   Connect to the 3beers.com port 4444   http://www.mudportal.com/images/play.png   http://www.mudconnect.com/cgi-bin/get_rank_button.cgi?mud=MuddyFeet     Also Vote here.                                  

MuddyFeet  Connect to the 3beers.com port 6001   http://www.mudportal.com/images/play.png        

DragonBall     Connect to the3beers.com port 3300   http://www.mudportal.com/images/play.png

Darkness of Time  Connect to the 3beers.com port 3003  http://www.mudportal.com/images/play.png           Also Vote here.                                

Lords and Legends  Connect to the 3beers.com port 5555   http://www.mudportal.com/images/play.png           Also Vote here.                                

*** New Mud. I need help building and coding***

World Domination     Connect to the3beers.com port 4020