Days of Dragons Quick Reference Guide

Welcome to Days of Dragons, a world where only imagination dictates your fate.

The Days of Dragons Quick Reference Guide purpose is to give you the basic knowledge needed to succeed in the game. The world is yours to explore and conquer. Enjoy your adventures!


1. How do I connect to the game to play?
2. Races/Classes
3. Tutorial the Right of Passage
Gaining Levels and power
Currency Buying/Selling
The Portal Stone
Quests and Journal
Combat System
Who can help me?


1. How do I connect to the game to play?

Players from around the world all log in on their computers through various game clients. You can use something as simple as telnet, to some more advanced game clients. The address is and the port number is 4040. A whole slew of different clients that can be used to connect to the game are listed at Back Top

2. Races/Classes

The race you choose affects many other things. The size of your race may affect your speed in combat. The race you pick will determine what classes you may choose from, as some classes are only possible with certain races. To see a list of races available and a brief description click on Races. A class sets you upon a chosen path of skills that you are learning. You may get a brief class description at Classes. Days of Dragons works dilegently to make sure all class/race combinations are balanced in power. Back Top

3. Tutorial the Right of Passage

The interactive tutorial is designed to be fun. It should only take a few minutes to complete, and will familiarize you with your homeland city. Within the tutorial you will gain a few useful items for your adventures, and learn how 6dragons quest system works. The tutorial speed maybe increased or decreased with the TEXTSPEED command. I am lost in this city, how do you find the people it asks? If you need help you can type HELP PALEON It is a map of where everyone is that you need for your tutorial. Back Top

4. Commands

You will find commands in the tutorial that are beneficial to know are capitalized, and usually requested that they are performed by whoever tells you about them. There is a command itself called COMMANDS . This will display all available commands to you. If you have a question about what something does, there are help files that will answer it. Just type HELP COMMAND NAME in game. Back Top

5. Gaining Levels and Power

This game is based off levels. Certain equipment can only be worn at certain levels. You gain levels by killing mobs or monsters in this game. As you attack a monster you gain experience points towards your next level. When you do level, often you gain new spells and or skills in which to practice thus gaining more power. You also gain more hitpoints which is how much damage you can take before you die. Back Top

6. Currency Buying/Selling

Shop keepers sell goods to players. You can see what they sell by typing the command LIST.

[Lv Price Currency] Item

[30 50 gold] A voodoo charm necklace.

[30 300 gold] A voodoo power potion.

[20 10 gold] A voodoo broth.

Use LIST STAT "item" - To find out more details.

To purchase items use the BUY command.

Very few shop keepers buy things from players, you maybe able to find a Pawn shop to do so. To sell objects use the SELL command.
There are number of currencies in the Days of Dragons realms, this is the current exchange rate.

One Gold Coin = 10 Silver Coins
One Silver Coin = 10 Copper Coins
One Copper Coin = 10 Paper Notes

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7. The Portal Stone

There are portal stones in homeland cities that will transport players to desired locations. They are used with the ACTIVATE command. It will give you a choice of locations simular to below. Location Difficulty Level
Tullfuhrzky Manor 00 - 10
Unholy Grounds 05 - 15
The Abyss 05 - 10
Shattered Refuge 05 - 20
Kirwood Swamp 00 - 05
Graveyard 05 - 10
7. Miden'nir 05 - 15
8. Tufkul'ar 15 - 30
9. Under Sewer 03 - 10 [Group Area]
10.Bowels of the Citadel 10 - 25 [Group Area]
Proper Syntax: Activate Location Number ( 1 - 10 )

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8. Quests and Journal

Days of Dragons prides itself on putting out interesting quests for players to enjoy throughout the game. We have custom quest code and the JOURNAL LIST command keeps you up to date where you are in your quests.

Days of Dragons - Quest Journal for Jupiter

Lvl Quest Name Quest Progress Time

5 Tarane 2 Give message to Tarane

30 Peddler 3 Give talisman Cardinal Monk

0 Chromatic 3 Bring the corpse of a Quartz Runner to me.

0 Telea 1 Escort Telea out of the City of Dis

Quests Made: 26 Quests Found: 16

Quests Available: 26 Quests Finished: 12

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9. Combat System

Days of Dragons has a custom combat system in place.

It is designed to challenge players, but not to be so complicated that it is not fun. You don't need to worry too much about it at lower levels. However, as you progress it becomes very helpful against the monsters you'll be fighting.

The Tutorial will explain the basics of it, and you can find out much information in game by typing HELP COMBAT Back Top

10. Wilderness

What is the Wilderness?
The wilderness map is thousands of rooms all densely connected. That means that every room has a connection to the north, east, south, and west. Some directions maybe blocked at times by different terrain features.

You have several options available for how the wilderness is displayed to you. You

can adjust the display with the WILDERNESS command.

Syntax: WILD SET

Options type size map name description Types default and ( not implemented yet diamond, sphere ) Size small medium large


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11. Death

When your character dies, you are reincarnated at the Altar of your home land's temple. Your corpse is left behind where you were killed, together with all of your equipment. Your gold stays in your corpse, it is wise to place money in the bank.

Any spells which were affecting you are canceled by death, and you lose experience points as well. Following/groups are not affected by death.

Corpses decay after time. When this happens the objects inside a corpse will decay with it. Player corpses last roughly 30 minutes of real time. Only the player who died or someone in their group can retrieve objects from a player's corpse. The only exceptions are for deadly characters, who can loot each other's corpses at will.

If you cannot retrieve your corpse there is an undertaker in Paleon City temple that will get it for a price.

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12. Who can help me?

You will find that player and staff alike are almost always willing to help if needed. All STAFF members are always willing to help out if you have questions. You can always post on the gboards as well to recieve help.
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