02/18/2018 Fixed bugg with shrink and enlarge making people negative numbers.
02/18/2018 You automatically start on general board when you type boards as default now instead of auction
02/19/2018 New skill for Beastmaster Pounce!
02/19/2018 New skill for psionics takeover!
02/19/2018 fixed config keepalive to work with all mud clients.
02/19/2018 Black Dragons get bonus when using tail swipe
02/19/2018 New skill for Black Dragons whiplash
02/21/2018 This is a newly updated mud. I copied your pfiles over, but I found a bug in some players recall area. If you recall to the Staff area, please let me know and I'll fix it.
02/22/2018 Remember, you can use the boards from anywhere in the mud. Type BOARD at the prompt.

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