What is the Wilderness?
The wilderness map is thousands of rooms all densely connected. That means that every room has a connection to the north, east, south, and west. Some directions maybe blocked at times by different terrain features. You have several options available for how the wilderness is displayed to you. You can adjust the display with the WILDERNESS command. Syntax: WILD SET Options map name description
Getting in and out of the Wilderness
When you are at a location where the room name reads, Wilderness Access Point you may continue in that direction and will leave or enter the wilderness. All access points are notated by a yellow @ symbol on the map. The white @ symbol is also an access point, but to a city. The command to use is EXPLORE

An image depicting the map legend for the wilderness

Your default wilderness map will look like this.
An image depicting the default wilderness view.
You may learn the surroundings skill, which will grant this view.
An image depicting the wilderness view you would gain from the surroundings skill.

The battlefield view skill will grant this view.
A large image depicting the wilderness view you would gain from the battlefield skill.