posted on 11-29-2013 by Jupiter

Welcome to JellyBean Mud. We hope you enjoy playing as much as we have building this game. If you would like to help out with coding or building areas, let me know at bossjupe@gmail.com Thanks, Jupe

posted on 12-03-2013 by Jupiter

We are adding new areas as I have time to renumber and fit them into the game. Type "areas" in the game to see them. Thanks

X-rated Socials
posted on 12-21-2016 by Jupiter

We have added some X-rated Socials to enhance your experience here on JellyBean III. Type socials to see them. but careful, some mobs don't like to be sexually abused. heh!

posted on 05-22-2018 by Jupiter

I found an error in the start area that wouldn't all a player to reach level 2 and save. I fixed that and am sorry for anybody it affected. Jupe

posted on 05-24-2018 by Jupiter

We have player lockers. Type Help locker while in the game for more info. Jupe

Long distance chats
posted on 06-20-2018 by Jupiter

Long distance socials" are in!!! HURRAY!!! To use them type "chat @hug Mistress" and that will send the social "hug" across the mud. Of course you can also use it on players..;) You might have to turn off the 'special character' @, in Zmud for it to work.. Have fun! Jupe