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Reality Bytes Mud started out 15 or so years ago after I had experimented with several mud codebases. I found Smaug code and loved it. It was already a proven code, but I added to it and I think I improved on it quite a bit. Some modifications I made were:

Removed Death Traps, added furniture you could sit or sleep on, added a hospital and a nurse you could pay to retrieve your corpse, a quest mob for questing whenever you wanted, more areas, and tons of other stuff!


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Welcome to Reality Bytes.



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Play Reality Bytes Mud By Telnet, or With Java Telnet

Download this client to play our game. Has sounds already loaded!

Just extract and run the executible from the extracted folder. No registration required!

Rules of Reality Bytes Mud

Newbie Questions/Answers  Read first!


And thanks to FYA, we have building help files:


Pretty Nice offline Editor for Smaug if you are running XP. Not Windows 7…

Building Docs

Room Docs

Objects Docs

Mobile (Mobs) Docs

Programs Docs and

Reset Docs

Red Hat Linux for Dummies

Linux Newbie Administrator


Our Build Port. Where we test new areas, mobs, spells, and weapons:


Build port is running on port 2310     (Down right now,)





Download this client to play our game. Has sounds already loaded!

Download our game for running on your Windows Computer


Download Zmud or cMud the best mud clients I have found!

Putty for Secure Shell Access

Winscp for Secure FTP Access                                                          



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